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Maintain Muscle, Increase Stamina, Body Fat
Maintain Muscle, Increase Stamina, Body Fat

Torch Your Body Fat To Reveal Lean Muscle!

Fenburn has been formulated by our core team of supplement and nutrition experts to torch your body fat, while providing the body with a range of high quality, potent nutrients that boost your metabolism, maintain muscle mass and increase focus. This enables you to work harder in the gym, while your body burns more body fat throughout the day!

Maintain Muscle, Increase Stamina, Body Fat

Why is it the best fat burner to get ripped?

The secret to FenBurn's effectiveness is its very high levels of ingredients, which ensures maximum effectiveness and fast results. As well as the usual fat burning products such as Caffeine, Bitter Orange Peel, and Green Tea Extracts, what makes FENBurn the best fat burner to get Ripped is the super levels of L-Tyrosine that can not only preserve muscle mass, but build muscle whilst burning fat!

Leaner guys get laid!

If you're overweight, shedding the excess pounds may increase your testosterone levels, according to research presented at the Endocrine Society's 2012 meeting. So if you're overweight, you are not only less pleasing on the eye, but you will be less likely to be able to attract women hormonally.

We've all seen it, the local gym stud that has a gorgeous girlfriend, as well as a few other girls flocking around him…. and he isn’t even that attractive!

Well you can do the same, by torching your body fat and maintaining muscle mass with Fenburn!


Fenburn - 100% Pure Fat Burner

Do you need that kick start to get yourself into shape, and get your body in the best shape you could possibly be in? Half dosage products give you less than half the results you need, so opt for the super strength, top quality Fenburn product that give you an energy boost, help you work out longer, and in return give you the best body composition in your gym.

Once you have got yourself in to the shape you've always dreamed of, you will feel better, look better, and perform better not only in the gym, but with the women too.

Reduce Fatigue

I Want A Fat Burner That Works.

With High Levels Of Proven Ingredients And No Weak, Cheap Proprietary Formula's

That's what our customers told us, when we asked them what they'd like to see in a fat burner. Many of them had tried fat burners in the past and felt let down by the ingredient amounts or proprietary formula's, where manufacturers use very low levels but don't tell you that. They wanted a 'full on' formula with enough ingredients to work properly and trustworthy, transparent labelling so they knew what they were getting.

So we made it.

Fenburn contains the who's who of fat burning nutrients. They're all natural yet all have powerful effects on the body's fat storage and fat burning mechanisms. And we haven't scrimped on the amounts, as it's the amounts of the nutrients which will give you the results you're looking for.

You can read about the specially selected ingredients below:

Muscle Enhancing Amino Acids-L-Tyrosine can not only preserve muscle mass, but also build muscle whilst burning fat! Supplementing l-tyrosine has been shown to recruit a far greater amount of muscle fibres than possible otherwise. Not only this, but we include L-Leucine that allows skeletal muscle to increase protein synthesis, an integral part of building and maintaining muscle mass.

Bitter Orange Peel which promotes fat burning by increasing metabolic rate, energy levels and body heat. A clinical trial concluded that bitter orange was 'the best thermogenic substitute for ephedra' (Journal of Medicine 2002).

Capsaicin is a natural substance found in chilli peppers. The compound can help speed up metabolism and reduce fat tissue, as well as curb overeating by taming your appetite.

Green Tea Extract which studies have shown stimulates the central nervous system and causes fat to be released into the blood stream for the body to use as fuel. Green Tea extract also aids digestion, helping to break down food much more effectively, aiding weight management.

Caffeine can boost weight loss, due to creating a calorie burning thermogenic effect in the body. A study has shown that lactate and triglyceride production and increased vascular smooth muscle tone may be responsible for the major part of the thermogenic effect of caffeine.

B Vitamins are known as ‘stress’ vitamins, and are hugely important for healthy thyroid hormone production, and metabolism. They help you to digest food, and also supply fuel to cells which enable cells to burn energy.

Powerful, proven ingredients in the high levels you need for effectiveness

No 'proprietary' formula here. With Fenburn you can see exactly what you're getting. Most importantly, you're getting full on effective ingredient amounts, which is essential for an effective formula. Many companies will bundle the ingredients together and call it a Proprietary Formula, meaning there are no ingredient amounts and it’s a great way to cloak an inferior formula, which has cost cutting amounts of ingredients. Don't waste your money on cheap and nasty fomula's. Fenburn is the real deal!

I'm stunned by the difference this made to my fat burning. I was really flabby before and expected it to take forever to slim down to the size I wanted, even combined with my gym routine. But it seems to have happened so fast. Can't believe it's me in the mirror.

James F.

I've had some decent results from fat burners before, but yours just works so fast. I know you big up your ingredient levels and I'm here to tell you, it really does make a difference. Fenburn will be my number 1 choice from now on.

David M.

Fenburn is definitely the real deal. I bought a well known fat burner which cost twice as much and it did very little for me. With Fenburn however, I could see and feel it working for me after a week and a half. I'm really impressed.

Pete D.

Many manufacturers offer a guarantee... but we are one of the few to actually honour ours! We have a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you are unhappy with your purchase of Fenburn, you can ask for your money back.

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